Hi all. My name Vitali (@VinT_FPV). I am a member of the Droneband team and frame designer for my team. In this store you can buy the frames on which we fly. We tried to make frames for our needs and vision, maybe you like them too.


NOTE: All kits purchased through this store are made to order.

Kits/parts listed here are custom made and are not kept in stock.
Expect 7-14 business days for production prior to shipment.
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DRANIK (carbon only)

Price : $ 32.99

Propeller size : 5"

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DRANIK Stretch X 210 frame.

I made this frame with the idea of using micro cameras and 20x20 stack. At the same time I wanted to make the camera protected as possible and make frame not very heavy. As it seems to me it turned out not bad :)

Size: stretch x 210mm

Weight: ~60g

The frame consists of:
- lower plate 3 mm
- top plate 2 mm
- side plates 2 mm
- Arm 4 mm thick and 10 mm width
Note Hardware are not included

I recommend buying bolts and standoffs by yourself, to choose your favorite color, as well as bolts and nuts. List of used by me:

M3 Flange Nylon Nut

M3 20mm Knurled Standoff 

Part list wich I use to buil this frame:

- Flight controllerOMNIBUS F4 Nano v5 

- ESC Ori32 4in1 ESC 4x25A 

- Motors - I use ZMX FINX23. This is interesting motors, light, powerful but unfortunately not very durable.

- CameraFoxeer Arrow Micro , or you can try this Foxeer Predator micro V2 

- Reciver - FrSky r-xsrYou can try another receiver, but there is not much room in the frame, with larger ones there may be difficulties in placing

- VTX - FuriousFPV STEALTH , or TBS nano 

- VTX antenna - FuriousFPV BigMac , I like this antenas

Battery Strap

Also, I made several options for mounting antennas (furiousfpv bigmac and AXII) for printing on a 3d printer. Best print int from TPU plastic. will upload soon

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