RatRace FPV

Some hardware for our race group

Howietzer Project

Price : $ 32.00

Propeller size : 5"


Please follow the link for more information, photos, files and assembly instructions.  




Additional Information

CF Parts List:

1 x 2mm top plate

1 x 2mm bottom plate

4 x 5mm arms

8 x 5mm carbon fibre spacers

Hardware Parts List:

8 x M3 20mm  

4 x M3 Lock Nut 

4 x sunk nuts

12 x nylon nuts


Additional Parts you need not available in Armattan Store:

4 x M3 25mm screw

1 x 3D Printed Nylon Pod


You can lower the profile of the frame by using only 4 spacers to save a few grams.  The lower profile setup is ideal for an "all in one" flight controller such as the Airbot Asgard or Nox.  For this build you will need to order these parts separately:

4 x M3 16mm for outer holes

4 x M3 20mm for innter holes (instead of 25mm screws)

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