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ELF98 top and bottom plates for DYS Elf Electronics

Price : $ 15.00

Propeller size : 2"


This kit includes a top and bottom plate to suit the mount hole pattern for the DYS Elf quadcopter and allows it to use stock motors and 2" props.  This provides a lot more thrust especially on 3s!

If you want to use the 3d printed canopy pictured, you can find it here :  There are 1mm thick and 1.5mm thick canopies available. I printed my 1.5mm thick one in red TPU, but something like nylon might be best being stiffer.  The Elf micro cam wedges up in the canopy, and can be secured with double sided tape or hot melt glue.  You can get about 35 degrees of tilt with this setup.


The frame requires 2mm screws and standoffs to complete

I used from bottom to top :

  • 5 x m2 x 12mm long countersunk screws through the bottom frame to hold the bottom standoffs on 
  • 5 x m2 3.5mm long nylon standoffs on the bottom (up to 5mm will be ok)
  • Fit the fc preferably with originial rubber grommets. I broke a few and use silicone wire sheath cut from 18awg wire, but it may be just fine without.
  • 5 x m2 8mm long nylon standoffs on top of the fc
  • Fit the Top plate
  • Fit the 3d printed canopy if used
  • Screw down with 5 x m2 x 6mm long screws

Job done!!


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