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Hatfield Flightcraft

I design stuff for my own enjoyment. Therefore, parts are sold as is and designs have only minimally testing. I make no claims to the performance or durability of the frames sold in this store. However, I do my best to design something others might enjoy building and flying. Please enjoy the frames. Any positive feedback will be greatly appreciated.

MS125 Micro Quadcopter -V4

Price : $ 30.00

Propeller size : 2.5"


IMPORTANT:  This is a carbon only kit. All hardware and accessories will need to be provided by the builder to finish the kit.

Micro quadcopter kit designed around the Flitetest Gremlin power pack. It is designed to hold a Runcam Mirco Swift/Swift 2 or similar sized camera with a Eachine VTX03 or similar design video transmitter. The top plate has a cutout to allow for easy viewing or the LED display on the VTX03 video transmitter. The top and bottom plates have chamfered edges and the carbon fiber has been orientated to run parallel to the direction of the arms on the bottom plate.

The frame allows for the mounting of either a 20x20mm flight controller or a smaller 16x16mm one.   The kit requires a single 20mm and 4 15mm standoffs. Three millimeter screws will also need to be supplied by the builder. It is recommended to use a minimum of 8mm long screws for the bottom plate and 6mm long screws for the remainder. A standard sized battery strap will also be required. Using plastic hardware provides for a ~24g frame weight before adding other components.

2.5 inch propellers should fit this frame as well as the stock Emax propellers included in the power pack.

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