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TRi-King 210 Store

Tri-King 210

Price : $ 45.00

Propeller size : 6"


This is a Tri-King 210 which is a tricopter I owned the mini tricopter and BabyTricopter from RCexplore, I like the mini tricopter for the 6" props + sound but didn't like the size I liked the BabyTricopter but found it more unstable and twitchy I guess this was due to the size.

so I decide to design my own Tricopter and came up with the below design which is 210mm from prop to prop which can run up to 6' props, I all so have designed TPU POD to keep all the stuff inside safe and tidy.

if you buy the tricopter from here you will need to print your own pod link below


or message me here on facebook and I will print one for you £5.00 not including postage 


Other missing bits in this Kit are as follow

you need two screws which are M3 you get them mostly from motors Picture below

and you need a tilt mechanism from the RCExplorer store he also does a download link on this site to print one 


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