Revolver 230

Price : $ 50.63

Propeller size : 5"



  • - Lowrider design with 20mm stack height.
  • - 230 mm true-cross geometry.
  • - 4mm replaceable arms  for easy maintenance.
  • - Super stiff and durable.
  • - Designed for Runcam Swift Micro camera or Foxeer micro.
  • - Custom GoPro Session mount available for download.
  • - 105 grams of fully assembled frame.
  • - Fits batteries less then 75mm long and 35mm wide (most 1300mah 4s batteries will work)but you can put larger batteries if you don't mount GoPro.


While weight is not feather-lite, key feature of this frame is rigidity and good resonance characteristic with low mechanical noise profile, allowing sharper tune and higher PIDs. 

We always go for simplicity and reliability - fly more repair less - that's our principle. Cut with respect to its grain from 0/90 layout carbon fiber sheet, 4 mm arms and 2 mm plates - this frame is rugged as rail and easy to repair if you manage to break an arm.  

Classic top mount design with 20mm stack height and true cross geometry provides perfect center of mass and weight distribution for freestyle flying.

Designed for RunCam Swift micro, frame has only 230 mm. motor-to-motor size.

Custom GoPro Session 35 deg. tilt, designed to fit perfectly on frame, available on BMC3D.co  Or you can print free version yourself - download stl.

Due to its small size only fits batteries less than 36mm wide by 76mm long (most 1300mah 4s batteries will work), but you can use larger batteries if you don't mount GoPro.













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