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SG-120-V2.1 Sugar Glider - 120mm Version 2.1

Price : $ 34.15

Propeller size : 3"


Sugar Glider 120mm - Version 2.1

2.1 revision - Sideplate profile modified to allow access to usb with FC's that have centered connectors. FC's can be mounted on either the top or bottom plate.

I highly reccomend checking out this forum thread for this frame:

Thanks to the purchasers of the first version that are active in the RC Goups thread, this frame has been built buy multiple users with a range of components, thougroughly tested and flies great. This is the updated 2nd version using feedback from the initial builds. The frame is largely unchanged with a few small alterations to allow more flexibility of component mounting and clearance for props from different manufacturers. This version has now been recieved and built by multiple users and flies great.

This frame has been specifically designed to be a no compromise micro. Agile and tough with extra protection for fragile elements like the camera and lens. This is a very realistic alternative to a 5" for everyday flying, acro and racing with friends. Specific attention has been payed to making sure the CoG and Centre of rotation/leverage are aligned with the FC for optimal flight characteristics.

Check out the RC Groups thread where you can follow the development of the Sugar Glider from its initial release, see videos of it flying, and the frame can be discussed. Info will be put up there and I will be monitoring it regularly to help with any questions or queries, check it out here:

I have also created a Build Guide to cover some of the tricks to getting the frame together and built as smoothly as possible, even if you haven't bought one yet, feel free to check it out and you'll get a better feel for the frame. The Build guide is applicable to both frame versions with only a few areas of filing different for the V2. Once I recieve my own frames I will create an updated build guide.

Build Guide can be downloaded here:

Additional Information

Story of the Sugar glider:

Sick of breaking things, I wanted a micro quad in the hopes that the lowered momentum and leverages of a smaller frame, would reduce the number of damaged parts in the inevitable crashes involved with pushing skill level boundaries.
Unable to find a micro that would fit the bill without serious compromises in terms of components, I realised there was a hole in the market. So being a professional product designer I have researched the best parts and have designed one to suit the best of the available small components, to create a no-compromise micro that will be less harmful to my wallet.

The main objectives heading into the design were:

  1. No compromises in quality of onboard components when compared to a 5” quad.
  2. Balance (CoG and Centre of rotation aligned with the FC).
  3. Strength.
  4. Protection of the on-board components.
  5. Dedicated placement for all common requirements.

Baseplate - The baseplate is full of flowing curves and no sharp corners to eliminate stress concentration points, there is ample but not excessive material around the motors to keep them protected without excessive weight.

Side Plates – The side plates brace the top and bottom plates and integrate protection for the Camera and lens. Between 20° and 40° there is no way for the camera to contact the ground or obstacles unless they protrude between the plates. Higher tilt angles can be achieved but the lens (Go-Pro) will become slightly exposed. An optional second vertical plate spacer provides extra camera protection and prevents the camera from being able to accidentally slip below 30°

Top Plate – Top Plate secures the side plates and provides dedicated mounting locations for both SMA antenna mount and Reciever antennas (via 2.5mm Cable Ties)

Recommended component list: (These components have been specifically chosen for their reputation as good quality components, Their size and also their affordability. A detailed cad model has been created around these parts to ensure accurate fitment and suitability, other components may fit but they have not been tested. Check out the RC Groups thread linked above to see other builds using different components)

  1. HS1177/Runcam Swift with Go-Pro hero 2 replacement lens
  2. Furious FPV - Piko BLX FC
  3. Frsky XSR Reciever
  4. TBS Unify pro V2 VTX (ideally Non-HV version as it can be powered from the Piko 5v source however a HV version should fit and can be powered from the filtered battery level source on the Piko FC)
  5. Little Bee 20A pro opto ESC’s
  6. 1306/1407 Brushless motors using M2×12mm PCD - Modelled and fitted motors in CAD are: RCX 1407 and Brother Hobby Tornado 1407's (initial builds will be using brother hobby motors)
  7. Any 3”props
  8. Battery – 4s 850mah or 3s up to 1300mah

Version 2 is an updated design based on the feedback of multiple purchasers who have built the frame with their own configuration of components (as seen on the RC Groups thread link above) This updated version improves balance and prop clearance and provides more flexible options for mounting the flight controller and other associated electronics.

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