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Secret Weapon Racing Team

Welcome to the Secret Weapon Racing Drones Store!  Visit us at www.secretweapondrones.com for more info. 

Tech Series and Sport Series Available now

Tech V2 HD Mount - Adjustable

Price : $ 14.99

Propeller size : None


Tech Series V2 Go Pro Hero style camera adjustable mount kit.

  • - Compatible with Tech V2 Only.
  • - 2mm thick plates
  • - Adjustable angle for your HD Cam from 0-25 degrees
  •  -Includes hardware.
  • - Includes optional 35mm Standoffs for non-adustable mode.
  • - Design provides secure locations for straps.
  • - Can be used in conjunction with protective cases
  • - 14g with hardware.

*Prototype Weight Subject to minor changes

*Final shapes and cuts subject to minor changes.  Prototype version is pictured.

*Cameras not included.  Only Includes adjustable tilt mount and hardware.

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