FPV Frenzy

I'm a multirotor maniac who likes fast quads but hates fiddly builds - so I set out to design frames that are strong, fast, and easy to build.

FPV Frenzy Stretch 220

Price : $ 53.00

Propeller size : 5"


The FPV Frenzy Stretch 220 is a racing/acro hybrid frame with one thing in mind - being easy to build.

Many tight build frames are incredibly finicky to build, and don't have proper camera mounting options or places to mount RX antennas.

The Stretch 220 aims to change that. There's a little extra space in the front of the frame so you can easily thread ESC wires between the camera plate and the FC stack.

The FPV camera can be mounted using the included plates or using the stock bracket - an HS1177 bracket can be threaded through the frame for a lower build and even more strength, and a Runcam bracket can be bolted on using the mounting holes.

The RX antennas can be threaded through two holes at the back of the top plate, which provide extra protection. Just ziptie-heatshrink your antenna to the back standoffs and thread them through the mounting hole.

The 4mm bottom plate is durable and tough, and a 2mm top plate adds to the strength. There are no unnecessary cutouts either, so you have a solid piece of carbon fiber which is sturdy. To save weight, it's a unibody frame. And when it's Armattan carbon fiber, you know it's awesome quality.

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