Q-frames designs frames and 3D models that can be found on Thingiverse or for people that want there own custom designs for them self.
The frames are designed to different standards because every body has his own preferences. Some want a light weight were others want a stronger frame. That is why Q-frames offer different types of frames in different sizes.
Q-frames will also over 3D models for the frames like cam mounts, arm protectors and more that can be downloaded for free from Thingiverse.

Ad this moment Q-frames is working to bring for all versions mounts for hd cam’s and arm and lipo protectors.
When ready, they can be found here. http://www.thingiverse.com/emiel1976/about

Ad this moment there are 2 different frames, the Q-SX218 and the Q-SX225 Extreme.
The Q-SX218 is a single bottom plate frame with an ultra low top plate. The wheelbase is 218mm.
The Q-SX225 Extreme comes in different options. The 5 inch has a wheelbase of 225mm. That is also the base for the other sizes.
Where the Q-SX218 is only available, the Q-SX225 is available in different styles like lightweight, single plate and from 4 to 6 inch.

The frames made by Armattanproductions are made by the highest quality 3k carbon fiber.
All designs on Armattan Productions are manufactured-on-demand. It takes 7-14 business days to manufacture your order.
Any questions regarding your order should be directed to support@armattanproductions.com, other questions regarding the product can be send to Q-frames.
You can find the mail address in the top right.

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Q-SX225 Extreme 5inch 4mm arms

Price : $ 47.00

Propeller size : 5"


Q-SX225 Extreme
This is a frame in a line of frames that comes in different sizes.
The Q-SX225 Extreme is the base for the different versions that comes from 4 to 6 inch size with several options in thickness and with a single plate version.

The Q-SX225 Extreme is a stretched X frame with some special features. The arms are under an angle of 48 degree and the frame is stretched an extra 20mm. This way you get a stretched X frame that has more an X style arm. All the versions have the same top, fpv cam plates and standoffs.
The 4 inch version has only other size arms were the 6 inch version has a bit wider arms. This is don for more strength and that is the same for the single plate version. The 6 inch version has because of that also other bottom plates. Still all the arms will fit on each frame.

The frames are designed for racing and that is why there is a version with 3mm thick arms to get a bit lighter frame. The arms width for the 6 inch and the single plate version is 18mm, for the other versions it is 16mm to get a bit less air resistance and still be strong.
The arms and the bottom plate for the single plate are also sold separate as replacement or for as you want an other size.

The ends of the arms are designed to give some protection to your motors by a crash.

Build tips.
The frame is a tight build but thanks to the 35mm standoffs not to tight. As you want to use a big angle on the cam, than it necessary to keep the stack low.
There are 3 ways to mount the VTX antenna. This is don to give you the option to use your favorite VTX.
The fpv cam mount is made to fit an HS1177 style cam.
As you want to use a Matek style pdb with the XT60 on the side, than watch first on witch side you want the connector and place the antenna mount than on the other side.
The bottom plate with the antenna mount is the upper plate from the 2 bottom plates.
There are 16mm bolt’s with lock nuts for the pdb/fc. This is don for extra strength. Placing a pdb/fc straight on the lock nuts will not be a problem. If you don’t like that, you can ad spacers in between the lock nuts and the pdb/fc.
For the 4 inch and the 5 inch 3mm, the 11 mm are for with the lock nuts and the 12mm are for with the standoffs.
The shortest bolts are for the top plate.
For the single plate version, the pdb/fc mount is all nylon.

Additional Information

Arms differ from 3 to 4mm. The 6 inch and the single plate version only comes in 4mm were the 5 inch comes in 3 and 4mm thick arms. The 4 inch comes with 3mm arms.
The top plate and the under plates are 2mm thick.
The fpv cam plates are 1.5mm thick.
Standoffs are 35mm.
The frames come with all the hardware needed to build the frame and for the pdb and fc.

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