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mighty midget 130

Price : $ 25.50

Propeller size : 3"

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A 3 inch quad that takes a full size fpv cam and vtx in a 130mm form factor, 


this frame is desiged around a:

- runcam swift (with mounting bracket) 

- one of the new upcoming 4in1 esc/fc (you might be able to use a 4in1 esc and a seperate fc, but that will be tight)

- tmotor f20 motors (motor pattern is 12mm across with 2.5mm slots, so any motor with that bolt pattern wil work)

- immersionrc tramp or tbs unify pro (or anything with a pigtail on it, im currently using a cheap 40ch vtx from bg with a pigtail solderd on)


parts needed to complete:

5* 20mm standoffs (use aluminium for ultimate strength, or nylon to safe some weight)

14* button head m3*6mm screw (steel,titanium,aluminium or nylon its your choice)

4* 10mm standoff (use nylon to mount fc, 10mm seems a bit high but the idea is to place the vtx underneath the fc, you might be able to get away with 8mm if using a TBS unify pro)

4* m3*5 button head bolt (to mount fc)

2* m3*10mm bolt (to mount cam bracket to trame)

2* nylon m3 nut (to space the bracket from the mounting plate)

2* m3 nylock nut (to secure cam bracket)




30.5x30.5 mm fc mount spacing m3

20x20 mm fc spacing m2 (drill to m3 if desired)

12mm m2.5 motor bolt pattern

baseplate: 3mm

rollbar: 2mm

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