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Vendetti 140 4S 1407 3 inch props (plates only)

Price : $ 34.00

Propeller size : 3"



Thanks for choosing my design. Hope you will have as fun as i had designing and flying mine.

Please, find build details, photos, videos and share your build on the following thread:

Here is the rcgroups thread:

The kit includes the 3 plates required for the frame.

As far as i know, this is the first 140 3" low profil design frame, giving it a perfect mass distribution.

The design is realised around choosen high performance, small dimension and light components.

The result is a nice and well integrated 3" low profil frame. May be the first one in that kind and size.

In return, you have to be carefull with dimension of components you will choose.

Components i chose (see rcgroups thread) can be used as reference to know if your components will fit in that frame.

Remember that if you want to use bigger components, you can use longer aluminium columns.

Required M3 aluminium columns have to be purschased separatly because required dimenssion don't exist at armattan store.

Aluminium columns and alu screws can be easily found in many online stores in various dimenssions and colors.

Here is what you will need:

2X 29mm or 30mm columns

2x 10mm columns

4X 17 or 18mm columns

12X 7mm M3 aluminium screws

2X 8mm or 10mm M3 threaded axle




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