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I design custome multi rotor frames and components. If you dont see what you need ask and I can more than likely design it for you. Thanks.

93mm X Frame for 8.5mm Motors 1.5mm Thick

Price : $ 21.84

Propeller size : None


93mm X Frame designed for 8.5mm brushed motors. The main frame is 1.5mm thick, all mounts are 1mm thick. The rear mount was designed to work with the FX758-2 VTX, and the front mount was designed to work with the banggood 700 TVL camera, micro minimOSD and will fit the S7V7F5 regulator. Camera is set to 30 degrees. Other components may fit, check images for mesurements. If you would like me to design a mount for your hardware just shoot me a message. Thanks for looking.

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