Gun Shop Multirotors

   I worked in the firearms industry for years, I loved it then, and if the right opportunity presented itself I would be right back in it. For now I have another expensive hobby occupying my down time from not working on guns, and I figured why not get it to start paying for itself. So, with half of my gunsmith bench now devoted to quads, Gun Shop Multirotors seemed like a natural brand addition as a part of the corporation I've been paying for and not using, Southern Gun Works Inc. 

   All of my designs are either concepts that I thought needed to be smashed violently into the ground (it's just how I fly), or hairbrained ideas from the morons friends I fly with. Build instructions and poorly 3D printed accesories will soon be available on my website: but frame kits and parts will only be available here at Armattan Productions. 


Price : $ 65.00

Propeller size : 5"


Feel like smashing something a little different into the trees in your neighborhood? Take the StrayBullet 240 for a spin! I was sitting around staring at a quad and thought, "Why am I not doing a better job of leading with the most volitile component of this four-motored crash factory?" Dropping all of the stable components well below the prop line so the puncture-sensitive, fire prone energy source was much closer the the high RPM thrust-knives. Aside from encourging lots of extra soldering and a need to pack a small fire extinguisher in your Steele-esq FPV backpack, the design creates a very controllable balance to the flight characteristics. Think of it as dangling a short pendulum from your hand as apposed to balancing a pole on your palm. One of them requires far less effort and correction (as long as the pendulum is short enough, I've never had problems swinging a short pendulum if you know what I mean). 

This is my first design. The concept and basis of the design is borrowed from a friend, and I applied some improvements that I thought were needed. The "upside-down" nature redistributes the weight around the arms to create a more balanced aircraft. The StrayBullet is a true X, the lines are smooth and sexy,and there are plenty of holes for zip ties to keep wire routing clean, and hold all of your stuff in place wherever you may want it. 20mm wide arms will allow for mounting KISS or RG20 ESCs or the like; the large holes in the arms allow pass though for motor wires to ESCs mounted on the under side. The kit hardware is based on using a PDB and FC combo, but build instructions will include plans for use of individual FC and PDB, needing only a few nylon spacers (not included). 


An extra arm is included in the kit because it keeps the other 4 from breaking. That is just how things work, DON'T QUESTION ME!!!

Additional Information

This frame, like all of my designs (that I do for myself and should probably go ahead and sell on here), builds in an upside down manner compared to traditional frames. So the arms go under the top plate, the mid plate goes under the arms, then the standoffs will go under that and then the bottom plate way down low (I'll post pics when I remember to take some...). Build instructions will show up on the website listed in the store description. Most 3D printed GoPro mounts work well when attached just behind the cutout for the FPV camera. 


I have had a hard time doing major damage to this frame, hopfully it does as well for you. I'm not making a ton of money on any of this stuff, I just hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

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