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5inch LegaXy NOW Available in US WAREHOUSE

Price : $ 69.00

Propeller size : None


Very fast quad with the power of any 2204, 2205, 2206 motor and with the combination of 5" propellers and the weight of ONLY 81grams (naked frame)  this thing is a flying bullet due to its very unique aerodynamics arm design. If you think you can break the 4mm bottom, then the 5mm version is the right frame for you. Go ahead bet your opponent with this quad, but you can't bet the price on this one!!!!

Size 190mm True-X

Buy it here in the U.S warehouse  fast shipping http://www.rccrazed.com/frames-rc-crazed-dope-frames-legaxy-p-525.html k

More photos can be found in facebook.com/dopeframes dont forget to LIKE the page thanks and happy flying from Dope Frames

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