Kaeru 220 v2.1 5in

Price : $ 40.08

Propeller size : 5"


This is a 220mm MTM quadcopter designed for 5" props.  Main plate and arms are 3mm thick.  Bottom plate is 1.5mm thick.  Side plates are 2mm thick.  Utilizes the V3 cam brace technology from Armattan that you will see on the SCX frames.  Offers 80+deg of tilt on FPV camera.  Integrated HD Camera Mount at 45deg will fit Mobius style or GoPro Session Camera.  Frame weighs under 100g with the provided hardware.


Recommended Parts:

PowerOSD/RROSD combination PDB and OSD

Motolabs Cyclone F3 Processor capable of 8k/8k/8k with the correct ESC

F39x ESC's 20-30A - I like the MassiveRC F390 ESC's due to the price and small size.

Emax Redbottom 2205 2300kV or similar motors


Hawkeye/UBAD 200mW VTx with pigtail

Right angle SMA adapter

TBS Triumph Antenna

HS1177 Camera


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