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Im a mechanical engineer that codes by day and when im not taking care of my ~1 year old son, try to design and fly mini quads. Im still a pretty crummy pilot, but my designs have some promise. I started designing the Viper LowRider when I could not find any available frames that had a low profile battery location that was not underneath. I think that my design has innovative use of vertical plates to maximize strength and minimize the weight and hardware required for the build. I started on a ZMR 250 last year and have moved on to my LowRider frame with a 6in 13mm height setup.

4in Viper LowRider

Price : $ 35.49

Propeller size : 4"


This frame is a new design that was build up around the battery placement, since it is the single heaviest object on a quad. The frame was designed around a standard 1300mah 4s battery, and keeps it as close to the center of the quad as possible to keep the moments of inertia (how easy it is to spin the quad) as low as possible. This and the symmetric X shape with minimal body, make this an extremely responsive quad. I also kept the weight of the frame down as much as possible using vertical plates and slots to keep the hardware count down, keeping the frame weighing in at about ~70g for the 4in version.

This kit is supports up to 4in props (195mm motor to motor), and meant to be used with batteries less than 40mm wide by less than 85 mm long (most 1300mah 4s batteries will work and you can put larger batteries on the bottom but it is not suggested).. Some filing will be necessary to get the slots all fitting together as I wanted to keep the tolerances as tight as possible since the slots are critical to this frame (See filing walk through here: Also note that there is only 13mm of vertical height to build FC, Pdb stack so this is not really a beginner build, and pretty much everything will have to be direct soldered. It has the standard 30.5mm holes for FC stack, and has 16x19mm bolt pattern support for 220x motors (may have to drill out for 1806 motors). Also supports up to 55 degrees of camera tilt with a hs1177. Recommended build:

Naze32 or F3 or KISS FC

RCX2205 2350kv or 2633kv or any other 220x motor of your choice

little bee escs (or other f390 esc)

powerosd pro or RROSD Pro (no pins)

Aomway 200mw vtx

or hawkeye 200mw vtx or other Tiny vtx with about a 7cm right angle pigtail soldered on

HS1177 fpv cam

FrSky Xsr (not much room for anything else, I direct soldered mine) 

I am running a slightly earlier 6in version of this frame. It is a super compact build, but everything fits as long as you use the recommended build. I used a RROSD and would not attempt this without it if you want an osd in the build (Power OSD would work too). If you are nervous about getting everything crammed in I suggest going the route of the 16mm height instead of the 13mm. Mine is 13mm and it is very tight. 

 If you do build the frame please feel free to email me with any questions (and pics) at


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