AOS 3.5 V2 Button Head Carbon Only

Price : $ 44.99

Propeller size : 3"


This is the AOS 3.5 V2 kit. All carbon parts are supplied but no screws or standoffs. Screws required are 8off 6mm M2 button head and 8off 12mm M2 button head. Standoffs required are 8off 20mm M2 standoffs.

The AOS 3.5 V2 builds on the scientific approach used to design the AOS 5 V2 and AOS 5.5 V2 but brings the target all up weight below 250g. In many regions quadcopters that weigh less than this are not subject to the same burdensome regulations as heavier drones.


With the right components (naked Caddx Vista and 650mAh 4S) the AOS 3.5 V2 can carry an Insta360 GO 2 and still come in under 250g!


But just because a quad cannot weigh more than 250g doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive for the speed, power and agility typically only available from heavier drones. With the right components you can go toe to toe with 5" freestyle quads with similar flingability and smoothness.


A combination of finite element simulation and real-world flight testing gives this frame exceptional vibration and resonance performance. This means you can run less filtering and higher PID gains for a smoother and more responsive feel with greatly improved mid-throttle oscillations and cool motors.


  • Approx. 40g with all hardware

  • Designed for up to 3.5 inch props

  • 4 mm Arms

  • One 25.5x25.5 or 20x20 mm stack in the front and one 25.5x25.5 or 20x20 mm stack in the rear OR

  • One 30.5x30.5, 25.5x25.5, or 20x20 mm stack in the centre

  • Fits the Caddx Vista or HDZero 1W Freestyle VTX perfectly

  • Fits both 20mm (DJI camera) and 19mm (Micro sized) cameras

  • Motor mounting 9x9 up to 12x12 (1404, 1505 recommended)

  • Standoffs, frame and motor screws included


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