Droner FPV

Armattan Gecko DJI Ultralight 4-inch Caddx Vista Conversion Kit - 3mm Main Plate - 2mm Extended LiPo Plate

Price : $ 31.30

Propeller size : 4"


DronerFPV designed with Armattan Productions to replace the existing Armattan Gecko 4 inch main plate with a ultralight weight frame and Lipo plate to feel more like a toothpick or 5-inch freestyle frame with more agility, zippiness and flight time. 

The lighter weight 3mm frame allows you to mount the lighter weight 1.5mm shaft motors like 1505, 1606, 1805, or 2004 motors coupled with a longer LiPo plate makes it perfect for carrying a lightweigth HD camera, like the Insta360 GO, Insta360 GO2, BetaFPV SMO4K, GEPRC GoPro 8 or Naked GoPro to capture your freestyle footage in HD.

New Frame Conversion Kit Includes

  • 1 x Armattan Gecko DJI Ultralight 4-inch Caddx Vista - Conversion Kit - 20x20 flight controller and 3mm plate thickness with 12mm motor mounts (Main Plate).
  • 1 x Armattan Gecko Extended LiPo Plate 
  • Main and LiPo Plate ONLY - Conversion kit does NOT include front Gecko camera mount, hardware or back standoffs 

Frame Specifications and Electronics

  • Main Plate Weight: xx.0 grams
  • Motor to Motor: xxx.00mm
  • Frame Shape: Compressed X
  • Main Plate Thickness: 3mm
  • Hardware: M2/M3
  • Motor Mount Pattern: 12mm - BetaFPV 1505 , 1606, 1805, or 2004
  • FC Stack Mount: 20x20
  • FPV Camera Mount: Micro (19mm)
  • FPV Antenna Mounts: Stand-offs (2-23mm)
  • TBS Immortal-T Mount: TPU 
  • Increased Max FC Stack Height: 23mm
  • Recommended 4s-6s LiPo 650 mAh - 850mAh

When Assembled the Frame Features

  • 4-inch props
  • Top-mounted LiPo.
  • Armattan custom aluminum front cage fully protecting a micro cam (add 2-spacers for height)
  • 2-23mm rear stand-offs to maintain max height for 20x20 FC Stack 

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