Space Cowboy Quad Racers

Lightweight racing focused quad copters designed by Space Cowboy Drone Design. Our goal is to create designs with the best mix of strength and well thought out component placement rolled into a competitive light weight package. 

ATTENTION: SCX-200 V2.1 kits and parts now available.

SCX-200 V2.1 available now! SCX-175 and SCX-230 V2.1 (4" and 6" configurations) are coming very soon too!

ATTENTION: All kits purchased through this store are made to order.
Kits listed here are custom made and are not kept in stock. Expect 7-14 business days for production prior to shipment. Any questions regarding your order should be directed to, technical or design questions can be directed to me via the e-mail link in the upper right. If you are looking to get your hands on a SCX-200 quickly please check out Armattan Lite SCX-200 at, this version of the frame comes in two brilliant color combos and is stocked directly by Armattan and it's distributors.


Price : $ 35.00

Propeller size : 3"


SCX-140 V1.1 3" Racer Kit

This SCX-140 is a 3" racing frame which combines SCX design architecture with perfect X symmetric motor placement which measures 140mm MTM (Motor To Motor). Why 140mm instead of 130mm? Well I had two requirements for this quad, it had to be a perfect X and it had to still fit the HS1177 camera, hence 140mm. Packaging is a little tighter than the SCX-200 as the pod is smaller overall but it still retains the SCX signature vtx mounting design. Frame is designed specifically for 1306/1407 3000kv+ motor setups and 3" props to make this little micro quad a powerhouse which can hit above it's weight class.

V1.1 now includes improved top plate!

New top plate design provides same functionality as original but increases strength and durability. Top plate thickness increased from 1.5mm to 2mm and profile changed to reduce leverage forces during a crash for improved durability.

Kit also now includes 16 M2x5mm screws for mounting the motors!

Micro Size Quad, Full Size Speed!

Build Inspiration!

Below are some examples of what can be done with this tiny little quad. Although the kit includes black hardware and steel screws, with a little splash of color you can easily make SCX-140 your own. In the examples shown I chose to color coordinate my standoffs and hardware with the motor colors. SCX-140 uses 30mm M3 standoffs which can be commonly sourced in different colors from various hobby vendors.


Frame Size: 140mm motor to motor
Layout: Symmetrical X
Lower Plate: 3mm Carbon
Top Plate: V1.1 2mm Carbon (increased strength over original)
Max Prop size: 3"
Motor Mounting: M2, 12mm bolt circle (works with common 1306 to 1407 size motors)
Weight: ~45g (can be lighter with aluminum hardware)


Additional Information

Suggested Components:

FPV Camera: HS1177 (bottom mount connector version preferred, but either will work)
FPV VTX: UBAD 200mW, Hawkeye 200mW, TS5823, or similar package size.
Power Distribution: Matek PDB, ATAS Sphere PDB, or Lumenier 4Power
Flight Controller: any 30.5x30.5mm mounting should work although a newer Lumenier LUX or Flyduino KISS FC will provide extra clearance for HS1177 camera.
Motors: 1306 or 1407 sized, 3100kv+
ESCs: Little Bee 20A, DYS XM20A etc, or similar work well (arms are same width)

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Review Section ( Total Review:1 )

Image Scubi FPV

Really like this frame. Using it with the racerstar AIO 4 in 1 F3. The only problem is the back two frame standoffs are too close together for the Racerstar FC/ESC batter pads. So I have to leave them off.

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