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Welcome to my SouthEastFPV Designs Store on Armattan Productions.  You can find some of my designs here and some on  My most populare frame is the Leventador Box Racing Frame.  I am making both the Sport and Pro versions available here.  Box Frames are more expensive to produce as a result of all the extra CNC/Labor involved to produce the product.. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.  I do not have the ability to give discount codes to be used when purchasing here.  If you want to join in on a pre-order hit me up on FaceBook.

I am the designer of the Knife and PyrDrone Cube Box Racing frames.  The Knife Box Frame was the first box design to be sold in the US and was sold on GetFPV, HeliNation and PyroDrone.  Based on my learnings from the Knife, I created the Pyro Cube Box frame.  Every 5" race frame that I have released to the public has been tested for a full MultiGP race season and in some cases 2 seasons.  The Leventador Box Frame is a combination of 4 years of testing and iterating over the design based on real-world experience with some the Top Racing Pilots in the World on a weekly basis.  The Leventador Box Racing frame is a proven race frame and has been the primary frame of choice for all but a few members of the Quad Racing Rivals Pro Team.

The Leventador frame fully built can acheive an AUW of 256gr - 280gr with props and lipo strap using a motor similar to the Headsup Motor and any of the common 20x20 stacks that are commonly found on a 5" race setup.  I offer two versions, the Pro which falls into the weight range I just mentioned or the Sport version which is built to be near industructible using 3mm, 2.5mm 2mm CF parts.

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Leventador Sport Box

Price : $ 49.22

Propeller size : 5"


Armattan does not sell 20mm or 10mm Knurled standoffs so you will need to source these else where.  The 10mm standoff is not required but it does help reenforce the plates, but many people cut nitro tubing to fit.  I like to use either 10mm Nylon spacers or AL Spacers, but can be found on McMaster-Car, the part numbers are: 94669A105 or 90176A109.

The Leventador Sport was created at the request of 2DogRC, he wanted a box frame that is nearly industructable.  Box frames are typically created using 2mm CF and I have personally found that using 2.5mm CF simply does not yeild that much of an increase in durability.  As a result this frame is a combination of 3mm and 2.5mm and this frame has been proven to be insanely durable and proven so at the 12hr Mayhem race.  For a much lighter version which can yeild 254gr builds I'd recommend the Leventador Pro which uses 2mm CF all-up.  The Pro is still a very durable frame, but the Sport is like I said almost unbreakable.


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20mm and 10mm Standoffs are not included as Armattan does not sell them, please see the note above.

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