Druckbaer Racing Frames

Druckbaer Racing Frames by Christian Auth is an authentic fpv frame manufacturer / design forge located in Brunswick, Germany. We try to define a unique way of creating custom quads with outstanding functionality to move the border of practically. 

More info: www.druckbaer-racing-frames.de

  ONLY WITH THE PAW ????????

Have fun with our designs and as always:


The Vasp

Price : $ 72.38

Propeller size : 5"


Cruising quietly at dusk? Do not even think about it !

The Vasp is a sporty, agile True-X frame at the sight of which a wasp loses its sting out of respect.

The central command unit is accompanied by 4 interlocking Double-V arms.

The lateral supports of the arms mean that your motors sit rigidly in place and are protected against the motors being torn off in the event of an impact. This construction promises direct response behavior in all axes with simultaneous weight reduction.
This results in a fighting weight of just 50g.

Like the rockets of a fighter jet, the camera plates are held on the side of the unibody and offer space for all common 19mm FPV cams.

FC/ESC Mount: 16x16mm or 20x20mm

scope of delivery:
4x 5 Inch Arm (4mm)
1x Bottomplate (2,5mm)
2x Camplate (1,5mm)
1x Topplate (1,5mm)
4x Aluminium Spacer M3x22mm (unspecified color)
4x M3x6mm12.9 Grade Steel Button Head Screw
4x M3x12mm12.9 Grade Steel Button Head Screw
4x M3x12mm12.9 Grade Steel Button Head Screw
4x Stainless Steel Press Nut

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