Alligator FPV

AlligatorSix Hexacopter high Version

Price : $ 99.90

Propeller size : 5"



When you look for 5-inch FPV hexacopter frames there is nothing on the market. Only a few retailers have some rests of old, very outdated designs in stock. So I decided to make this modern reincarnation of the Hexacopter and give you the opportunity to build and fly this little beast.

Main design elements:

- sandwich bottom plate design like most modern quadcopters have

- thick 6mm arms for robustnes, all the same length and therefore interchangable

- rounded corners to reduce notch effect

- lot of space for mounting electronics: 3x 30.5mm and 20mm stack holes, in the front, in the middle and in the back

- rectangular holes in the topplate to fit XT60 connector trough. So power cables can't get into the props.

- holes for cable ties as strain relief for power cables in front and behind the center stack

- cavity for capacitor under center stack to save space and get it out of the way for wiring

- all action camera mounts for TBS source one will fit because of same mounting hole pattern

- higher version with 38mm spacers in the front, 30mm in the back. Gives you lots of space for your electronics. Also a low profile slamdeck version is avaliable:

- camera side plates to mount 19mm micro-size cameras

- frame wheight: 240g including hardware.



Suggested components and electronics

Check out my complete build:

How does it fly?

Yes, you can freestyle it. That's what it's made for. It's pretty agile because it has even a slightly better thrust/weight ratio than most Freestyle Quadcopters.

Check out my flight video:


Armattan Productions does not offer 3D printed elements. But you can print them yourself:


GPS mount:

VTX antenna mount:

VTX and CRSF antenna mount:

VTX and GHST antenna mount:

Why is it called "Alligator"?

This came up during the construction. When I looked onto the bottom plate in the CAD system it lookes like the mouth and body of an alligator. When you fly it together with other people this flying predator might eat some little tiny whoops ;-).

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