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Brush5.5 5.5 inch

Price : $ 49.99

Propeller size : 5"


The Brush5.5 is a 5.5 inch true X freestyle frame I designed.

It is 245mm from motor to motor which allows for some extra room when running 5.5 ich props and a super stable quad when running 5 inch props.

And weighs only 88g fully assembled.

The Arms are inspired by Kababs Floss design because I think they provide good protection for the motors without too much weight.

The frame is designed to be light and strong and changing the arms only requires taking out 2 screws and leaves all your stack screws in place.

  • 5mm arms and 2mm main, top and brace plate
  • Accepts standard M3 30,5x30,5mm stack as well as M2 20x20mm mini-stack
  • Four additional mounting holes (M2 20x20mm) for a second stack in the rear or if you want a Caddx Vista in the back or run your ESC in the middle and the FC in the rear
  • Comes with 20mm standoffs to keep the CG low but you can always use longer ones if that is not enough space for you

3d printed GoPro session mount:

3D printed GPS mount:

3D printed micro size FPV cam mount:


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