Lady Owl

Price : $ 55.96

Propeller size : None


Lady Owl is without a doubt the most elegant 111mm brushless FPV quadcopter frame with integrated 2.5 inch propeller protection. It is designed to be safe indoor and outdoor proximity flier with support of wide variety of equipment and great mounting options without compromising strength and weight of the frame. It can also be purchased in FlexRC store


  • Integrated propeller and equipment protection
  • Ability to mount motors facing up or down
  • Ability to use 1104/5 - 1304 motors
  • Ability to use virtually any VTX and to mount it on top or bottom plate
  • Ability to mount battery on top or bottom
  • Many mounting holes which help to keep all wires together for the clean and beautiful build
  • Mounting holes for popular flight controllers like Naze32, CC3D and other boards that use 30.5mm distance between holes
  • Support of variety of micro FPV cameras


As an little sister of original Owl frame, Lady Owl Frame consists of two plates with the same pattern of mounting holes to allow flexibility of the choice of where you want to mount your equipment. It allows you to mount motors facing up or facing down, to mount VTX on the top or bottom plate, it really depends on your imagination and allows you to create uniquely looking quadcopter. Lady Owl Frame has many mounting holes which allow you to tie all the wires together, so they won't stand in the way of propeller and make your build look clean and beautiful. Lady Owl Frame uses optimal amount of material to be as light, as small and as strong as possible. It is designed with ultimate flexibility in mind!


Lady Owl is the great choice if you'd like to use 1104/5 or 1304 motors with 2.5 inch propellers to get ultimately light quadcopter with maximum power potential.


  • 1.5mm 3K carbon fiber motors holding plate
  • 1.5mm 3K carbon fiber top plate
  • 111mm motor to motor distance
  • Weight of two plates: 31g
  • 9 x 25mm nylon standoffs
  • Approximate AUW is 138g without battery


Frame plates on the scale:

scale 1 scale 2


  • 1104 5400kv motors installed on the top plate facing down
  • XM10a ESCs
  • RX2535 props
  • Flight controller of your choice
  • 450mah to 610mah 3S battery with 65C discharge rating


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