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The Super 2.5 Inch Frame

Price : $ 13.96

Propeller size : 2.5"

Item List


The frame's base plate features a 4 hole motor mounting pattern (9mm diameter hole spacing for M2 motor screws) which fits most 11XX motors. It also incorporates a 20x20mm stack mounting hole pattern AND a 16x16mm mounting hole pattern (in addition to the original tinyhawk flight controller mounting holes). This frame also features a hole where fpv camera manufacturers seem to like to path thier wires out of the camera, hopefully there will be no more resoldering wires from your camera to clear the frame! More motor hole options will be something that will be added in the future, as well as camera mount standoffs.

The top plate allows for the mounting of a (5/16" wide) battery grip pad on the top of the frame to stop the horror of losing two batteries at the same time when you crash. Headroom at the front end allows for a standard (not junk) camera. Finally a large mounting hole at the back that can hold vtx and reciever antennas in place and out of your props. This top plate will mount to both the original Tiny Hawk Freestyle as well as my Super 2.5" frame with M2 screws and standoffs. This top plate will fit the Tiny Hawk Freestyle standoff mounting hole pattern.


Additional Information

This is the (mostly) full kit for my Super 2.5 Inch frame. This frame is a replacement and an all around improvement on the Tiny Hawk Freestyle Frame. All parts are included EXCEPT for my custom camera mount standoffs which are located on my Thingiverse page here:


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