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Personal projects that others might enjoy.

Please note that these are purely diy projects. I do not deliver support but if you have any questions I will try to answer them.


Price : $ 8.99

Propeller size : 2.5"


Conversion frame originally made for the trashcan. Made for the 65mm kingkong props that Kababfpv recommends. You will need your own hardware for the motors and I recommend looking into this well before you order.

These are my tips:

  • Motor mount is the standard 080x motors with a screwhole size of m1.4 screws (like the trashcan) -> tiple hole 6mm diameter m1.4 mount
  • the fc aio board is 25.4mm~
  • Camera mount that you can buy: Beebrain v2 camera mount
  • Camera mount that you can print in tpu:
  • Check out kababfpv's website/blog:

This was for me a personal project so I am not responsible if you have different results. That being said have fun with it!

Might work fine with the Mobula 7, but I cannot know until someone tries it.

I made the file open source so you can 3d print it if you want to test if it would work for your build. For all file sizes for the design:

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