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Welcome to the KAIDJU LINE, a range of light and compact racer from 40mm to 4" props, light is right. 

Contact: KAIDJU OWNER CLUB (private group on Facebook).

MR80U WHOOP KAIDJU - mobula 7 - moblite - uz80 - beta 75x - Mobeetle 6 - trashcan swapper

Price : $ 6.00

Propeller size : 2"

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Swap most of the whoops on the market with the MR80U, from 08xx to 11xx motors, with 16, 20, aio boards, 1s, 2s, 3s and even 4s, no problem, 99% of the fpv racing gear is compatible on this frame, now in evo 4 with more response, and more durability. 

**V4 improvments**

increase: response, rigidity
reduce: prop wash, wash out, jello, weight
Ready to swapp with 99% of the whoops models: mobula 7, eachine trashcan, beta 65 pro 2, beta 75 pro 2, uz80, moblite, trashcan and even 75x 

**kit detail **

Carbon parts (included)
MR80U 2mm bottom 

4 x 10m2 screws
4 x m2 nuts (or hot glue)

4 x 4mm tpu spacers 
free to dowload
you can alos use basic nylon spacers / screws / nuts inclided with most of flight controlers

tpu canopy (free to dowload)
you can also use most of the compatible canopy (MOBULA 7, TRASHCAN, BETA 75X...) or even canopy with 20x20 holes.

tpu lipo holder
ou can also use a basic elastic 

total: 8.53g

**Word wide shipping**

17 days world wide shipping 
freight cost: 5$ for 39$ orders, so you can order several frames of the KAIDJU collection to optimize your order (MR80U, MR105U, MR116, MR116U...)


If you want to see the others KAIDJU models, from 40mm propos to 5", follow the link below:

**Facebook private group**

Join the "kaidju owner group" on facebook to share your Kaidju experience with the community 

**MR80U video (older versions):** 

Mobula 7 swapp

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Image Tester BOB

Very good product and fast shipping ! I recommand !

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