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BigDannTS v1.0

Price : $ 36.40

Propeller size : 5"


That's the


Inspired by FreeTs but designed for Gopro Montage

Big thanks to =DR.Frantic77= for the support :)

Reverb GoPro 3D-printing parts fit on the frame 

Additional Information

Please do not forget to order arms.

5 Inch v2.0 3mm

6 Inch v2.0 3mm

7 Inch v2.1 3mm


5 Inch v2.0 4mm

6 Inch v2.0 4mm


5 Inch v1.0 5mm

5 Inch Worx v1.0 4mm Left/Right


If someone needs the .STL (3D-Print) files for reprinting please contact me!

If someone has special requests, please contact us by mail!

Visit my site because you will find spare parts and more?


What else is needed:

4x M3 25mm Spacer

4x M3 20mm Spacer

4x M3 10mm countersunk screw

4x M3 12mm countersunk screw

12x M3 6mm countersunk screw

4x M3 10mm  screw

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