skonkworx qwads

i design, test and tune my own frame desgins in 3-5" racing and acro airframes 


Raptor 210mm SX race qwad

Price : $ 58.65

Propeller size : 5"


210mm stretch X racing frame in a native 20x20 m2 platform. 

around 56g with hardware 

Additional Information

this is my personal 20x20 setup racing airframe that has that super locked in feeling that a good stretch X frame provides.. it also has a 'true one bolt' system for the arms to enable very quick arm changes in the field while still needing only one arm model that works in all 4 positons.

the design now sports a racing pod that includes good protection and a dual axii/pig tail antenna mounting system at 45 degrees. 

please contact me for STL files for the pod and or micro cam mounts.


recommended build spec

airbot nano F4 v6 flight controller running BF 4.0 master ( full dump including motor remapping to suit optuimal ecs mounting )

airbot Ori32 bit 4 in 1 ( actaully runs 6s like a beast )

tmotor F40pro V2 in 2600kv for 4s and 2150kv for beast mode 6s 

akk x5 smart audio VTX

or the HGLRC nano race VTX

foxeer micro arrow pro camera 

TrueRC axii antenna 


if bullt around my recommended electronics package i can also provide dialed tune and setup dump for both 4s and 6s builds. 

here is some flying action of  my 2150kv 6s build 



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