Bando Racers

Bando Basher 3 inch HD

Price : $ 34.99

Propeller size : 3"


The Bando Basher. Duelly named for being durable, and with the optional fit braces, even more so. As well as being agile and accurate in flight with its really low battery mount height. Which sits below the pro line giving it great balance and close centre of gravity. This frame has a dual 20x20 stack mounts so there plenty of room to fit your favourite HD micro cam. There is also to option to fit a full size 30x30 fc. Total built height space is 18mm. The motor mount pattern is 12mm so you can fit from 13xx to 16xx motors. Please check the motors. The top plate has sma hole. Click this link for a 3d printed antenna/xt30 mount stl. The weight of this frame with hardware is about 54g. A weight saving of about 7g if you don't use the braces.

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