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I design stuff primarily for my own enjoyment I hope you will enjoy my designs as well. My designs have only minimal testing before being released in the store. I make no claims to the performance or durability of the frames sold in this store. However, I do my best to design something others might also enjoy building and flying. Any positive feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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LR75 - Lil Remix Minquad Kit

Price : $ 45.67

Propeller size : 3"


The Lil’ Remix frame is inspired by and serves as a tribute to the 5 inch Remix designed by Tommy Tibajia and manufactured by Rotor Riot.  


The Lil’ Remix is designed around 3 inch propellers and 1106 - 1404 motors and provides mounting hole patterns for both 9 and 12 millimeter spacing. It is not recommended to go larger as there hasn’t been any testing with the larger motors and I can’t make any claims of durability.


The Lil’ Remix kit is offered in two versions: the full kit and a “no hardware” version. The full kit provides all the hardware needed to complete your frame minus the 3D printed parts pictured. The “no hardware” leaves out the steel screws, aluminum locknuts,  and the 20mm aluminum standoffs included in the full kit. It does still include the 24mm aluminum standoff as it is an odd size and can be difficult to source elsewhere. To complete the “no hardware” version of the kit you will need:


QTY:  3 20mm aluminum standoffs

QTY:  6 M3x8mm cap head screws

QTY:  4 M3x10mm cap head screws

The files for the optional 3D printed parts shown are available here and will be updated as new parts are designed for the Lil’ Remix frame. At this point I do not have the means to provide printed parts for those that want them and do not have a 3D printer.  I am working on changing that and will update my Facebook and Instagram pages when that changes.

IMPORTANT: Neither version of the kit includes a battery strap and an appropriately sized strap will need to be supplied by the purchaser.

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