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Pushing the limits of slim-arm design and endevouring to create the highest performance micro brushless frames available

All one-piece frames are cut with the weave along the arms for greatest possible strength

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Zappy 120 fpv topmount

Price : $ 27.98

Propeller size : 3"


Zappy 120 FPV topmount frame kit


120 Frame: 3mm       5.60g    

2 x Sleds: 1.5mm       2.08g

2 x Clip:     1.5mm      0.54g

2 x Deck:   1.5mm      1.02g

Total Weight 9.24g


ESC/FC hole spacing: 16x16mm and 20x20mm
Note: Height under sleds is 14mm, double check stack height and or ask on the RC Groups thread for confirmation your stack will fit. Taller versions may be available in the future if demand is shown.
Standoff holes for M2 hardware
Motors: 1103/1104/1105/1106
Suggested prop size: 2.5", 3"
Motor mount hole spacing: 9mm
Motor center hole diameter: 3.8mm


Fast, very lightweight 120mm frame with super narrow arms for minimal wind resistance and thrust blockage. Very quick and agile when built light using 1103/1104/1105 high Kv motors, 300mAh 2S 45-90C Nano-tech battery, and a lightweight esc.

This kit includes the top mount sleds, deck and clips to allow for the battery or HD camera to be mounted on top of the rig. Additional benefits include more protection for stack and vtx as well as extra mounting options.

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