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Welcome to the Crash N Burn Racing store.  Here you will find multirotor frames that have been extensively developed to provide the smoothest assembly process possible.  When a frame is listed for sale it has been designed, built, redesigned and built again until it is as perfect as possible.

If you’re looking for a well thought out quad that has been built and engineered by an experienced builder and tested by experienced FPV racers you are in the right place.

Vertex2 CF Only

Price : $ 21.99

Propeller size : 2"

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This is a true race performer with excellent camera protection and durability with replaceable arms while only weighing 24 grams.  This frame performs great on 3s and 4s builds.

Be sure to check the links below for 3D printed parts.  I would highly reccomend the arm guards as they reduced vibration to the gyro and increase the durability of the arm.

Arm guard/soft motor mount:
Led race fin:
Rear LED mount:

  • 2mm carbon fiber top and bottom plate
  • 2mm carbon fiber camera mount/guards
  • 3mm carbon fiber arms
  • Fits Runcam Swift Micro or Foxeer Arrow Micro
  • Replaceable arms
  • Excellent camera protection
  • Recommend 550-650mah 3s or 4s LiPo
  • Weighs 24 grams
  • 20x20 M2 FC mount
  • Components are stackable up to 22mm
  • 11XX motors

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