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Verdin 115 - Acro

Price : $ 18.80

Propeller size : 3"


The compact frame version for 3" prop with 115mm motor to motor distance.

The FC need to mount 45degree in order to shrink the prop distance.


Additional Information

115mm motor to motor distance

For 3" propeller

30.5mm FC mount (45deg orientation)

Motor mount 9mm and 12mm

Frame thickness: 3mm

Top Plate thickness: 2mm



Main Plate: 16.2g

Top Cover: 3.4g

With hardware: 22.8g

With hardware, PDB, FC: 34.5g





1. Please make sure Yaw Adjustment are made through Cleanflight - 45degree or 315degree based on FC orientation

2. Please double check which is Front side of your frame by looking at Cleanflight screen - by pitch/roll your frame manually.


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