Shipping Information

1.     Armattan Productions has no restrictions when it comes to shipping. We ship world-wide. As long as you have a shipping address linked to your payment, we will ship. We do not ship to addresses that are not linked to your PayPal. So make sure you have the correct address tied with your payment. We will not accept requests to ship to alternate shipping addresses.


2.     If you place a second order and want to add it to your first order, understand that your order will be delayed and Armattan Productions reserves the right to not refund the cost of shipping.


3.     You will be notified via email when your order is shipped. If your email security settings are on high, this automated notice may end up in your spam box. Please check your spam box before you contact us. Please read the automated email, as it contains your tracking number.


4.     Your order will be shipped via registered air mail. A signature is required to accept your package. If your package is late, please contact your local post office first, to see if it is being held there.


5.     The tracking system for the worldwide shipping does not always work very well. It may take a while before the tracking status is updated. Sometimes, it is not updated until after the items are received. But the shipping method itself is highly reliable. The tracking number may or may not be traceable through your own country's postal service. You can try these tracking pages: and


6.     For international orders, shipping time usually takes between 7 and 14 business days. This is not always the case, however. Delays do occur, especially during national holidays. Armattan Productions is not responsible for any postal delays. If you do not have your order within 20 business days of shipping, you may contact us.