Quad 66

Design, build, fly, repeat.


WarPig 120 V4 (2.5mm)

Price : $ 15.60


For version 4 the WP 120 becomes the 1S 3 inch specialist. For these builds I've gone up from 2mm up to 2.5mm thickness to get a little more torsional rigidity. This small change helps reduce noise getting to the gyro allowing less filtering and associated latency. The 120 has a slightly smaller footprint than the 124 as the 1S builds are best suited for smaller backyard spaces. 

Frame: 120 mm MTM, 2.5 mm thick

FC: 16 x 16 stack, 25.5 x 25.5 AIO square orienation, 25.5 x 25.5 AIO whoop orientation (will work with with two screws)

Motor: 2 mm on 9 mm diameter

Props: 3 inch

Canopy: Zip-tie Canopy or the new Printed canopy.(see the canopy tab for the file https://ko-fi.com/quad66/shop)


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