Quad 66

Design, build, fly, repeat.


WarPig 124 v4 (3mm)

Price : $ 16.30


For version 4 the main changes are stretching the frame out to 124 mm and going to thicker frames. The reason for these changes is to move the 3 inch to bigger spaces. For small backyards like mine I find the 2.5 inch 115 to be ideal. So the props were moved slightly out away from the camera and battery to keep the thrust clean. This frame is intended for the 2S builds and will be available in 3mm (and 4mm for 3S), while the 120 will carry on in 2mm for 1S builds.

Frame: 124 mm MTM, 3 mm thick

FC: 16 x 16 stack, 25.5 x 25.5 AIO square orienation, 25.5 x 25.5 AIO whoop orientation (will work with with two screws)

Motor: 2 mm on 9 mm diameter

Props: 3 inch

Canopy: Zip-tie Canopy or the new Printed canopy.(see the canopy tab for the file https://ko-fi.com/quad66/shop)


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