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WarPig 115 V4 (3mm)

Price : $ 16.30


The 115 is my personal favorite. It is intended for 2S 2.5 inch props. The 115 size give just enough room to keep the camera low and keep the area under the props clear with 2S 300 mah packs. For version 4 the main changes are stretching the frame out to 124 mm and optimizing for 3 mm by "adding lightness". The 3mm frame is thicker than typically seen for this size to control the resonance without resorting to braces/struts that add material obstructing the props and like to hang up in trees.

Frame: 115 mm MTM, 3 mm thick

FC: 16 x 16 stack, 25.5 x 25.5 AIO square orienation, 25.5 x 25.5 AIO whoop orientation (will work with with two screws)

Motor: 2 mm on 9 mm diameter

Props: 2.5 inch

Canopy: Zip-tie Canopy or the new Printed canopy.(see the canopy tab for the file https://ko-fi.com/quad66/shop)


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