Quad 66

Design, build, fly, repeat.


WARPIG 120 V3.1 3MM (3 INCH 1202.5 - 1204 2-3 S STACK OR AIO BUILDS)

Price : $ 15.04


For Version 3 I caved, completely caved and give you 4 FC mounting holes for whoop boards in the diamond whoop orientation. I held out hope that we'd eventually get something beside 16 x 16 stack in the square layout but it just doesn't look like its happening.  (We now have the JHEMCU 16x16 !) On V3 there is also a very small revision to the motor mounts to allow clearance for motors such as the xing 1202 which have a shaft and washer that extend further down and would rub on original mount. For some reason that I can not figure out the production cost on this frame is higher than original version. If you don't need the extra motor clearance or FC mounting holes go for the prior version and save yourself some cash.

Frame: 120 mm MTM, 3 mm thick

FC: 16 x 16 stack, 25.5 x 25.5 AIO square orienation, 25.5 x 25.5 AIO whoop orientation (will work with with two screws)

Motor: 2 mm on 9 mm diameter

Props: 3 inch

Canopy: Zip-tie Canopy or whoop style canopy.

Weight: 6.6 gm (aproximately)

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