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CHF3 Uni THF replacement frame in 2.5mm carbon

Price : $ 14.30


This is an alternative to the Tiny Hawk Freestyle frame.  Designed to use THF original components as well as more universal options.  The frame has been enlarged to fit 3" props or 2.5" props w/ducts and has material added to what I see as weak areas.  IF you are doing a scratch build or have a THF2, you will also need my top plate.  A 14x14 nano cam will require a 3d printed mount. For this 2.5mm frame, you may need longer motor mount screws.  I think the original screws will work, but pay attention during assembly.

Additional Information

As of 3/25/21 this is still experimental.  I have only tested 3d printed parts for fitment and have not used any of the real carbon parts.  I will update when I can personally test fly these parts.

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