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Armattan Tadpole 2.5-inch Fat12 Main Plate Conversion Kit (20X20 FC WITH 4S 1404-1505 MOTORS)

Price : $ 12.70


Introducing the Armattan Tadpole 2.5" Main Plate conversion kit. Featuring a 3mm main plate designed for a 20x20 flight controller with 12mm motor mount pattern for 4s 1404-1505 motors (crazy fast and agile). 

Designed to replace the existing Armattan Tadpole 2.5-inch 2mm 16x16 FC main plate and feel more like a 5-inch freestyle frame with more agility, zippiness and flight time. 

The added stability, motor and battery size make it perfect for carrying the extra weight of a Naked GoPro or Insta360 GO to capture your freestyle footage in HD.

Additional Information


  • 1 x Armattan Tadpole 2.5" Main Plate Conversion Kit for 20x20 flight controller and 3mm plate thickness with 12mm motor mounts (Main Plate only).

Specifications and Electronics

  • Main Plate Weight: 16.0 grams
  • Motor to Motor: 135.00mm
  • Frame Shape: Compressed X
  • Main Plate Thickness: 3mm
  • Hardware: M2
  • Motor Mount Pattern: 12mm
  • FC Stack Mount: 20x20 or optional whoop AIO bracket
  • FPV Camera Mount: Nano (14mm)
  • FPV Antenna Mounts: Custom rubber holder (1.8mm)
  • Max Stack Height: 16mm
  • Recommended 4s LiPo 450 mAh – 650 mAh

Assembled Frame Features

  • 2.5-inch props
  • Top-mounted LiPo.
  • Custom aluminum front cage fully protecting a nano cam
  • Custom shorter rear aluminum posts
  • New rubber molded VTX antenna mount that is modular with the custom aluminum rear posts. No bolts needed.
  • Slightly slanted aerodynamic top LiPo plate.
  • Dry frame weight (fully assembled with Armattan Tadpole 2.5-inch frame assembly): 25.0 grams.



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