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Toothgrinder 120

Price : $ 14.49


Toothpick-class frame, true-x 120mm, 110X motors (or up to 1404 iFligh Xing)), up to 3" props, 1" whoop board mounting-only, 16x16 stack version is gonna be available once there is a good canopy mounting solutions as all the ones out right now are terrible.

Additional Information

  • 120mm motor to motor, slightly larger than the original Toothpick
  • up to 3" props, HQ T3X2 or T3X3 biblades recommended
  • accepts any 110X motors with M1.4-M2 3 or 4 hole mounting pattern
  • allows standard mounting of any whoop FC (hole for USB port on the bottom made to fit all tested whoop FCs from HM, BetaFPV, GepRC, iFlight...)
  • designed to take proper beating

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