Falcon Multirotors

It started with an X.

We made sketches, created 3D models, and lost sleep over every cut in the carbon fiber.
Then we built prototypes and crashed them into concrete and metal poles, redesigning anything that broke.
The result is Falcon, a line of no-compromise, insanely durable, high performance race quads.

Falcon Acro 185 Kit

Price : $ 50.00

Propeller size : None


Falcon Acro 185 Kit


     - This acro quad is 185mm motor to motor and will accept upto 5" props.
     - Motor mounts are for 16/19 motors such as 22xx motors
     - The main plate is 4mm thick
     - Top Plate thickness is 1.5mm
     - Weight is 65 grams with hardware, 75g with PDB and FC

Make it an FPV frame

Stay tuned for the Falcon 160/185 FPV kit, launching in February!


Other Recommended Product to complete the package

- 2204 2300 kv motors
- Power Distribution Board
- F1FC Flight controller
- Receiver
- 1300mah Battery
- 5" props



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