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Hello droners! My name is Simon - I am architecture student in vienna and love FPV - so i started Skull and Drones to pay my bills. Check out my website and other groups for pictures, reviews and write some feedback!



ATTENTION: All kits purchased through this store are made to order.
Kits listed here are custom made and are not kept in stock. Expect 7-14 business days for production prior to shipment. Any questions regarding your order should be directed to, technical or design questions can be directed to me via the e-mail link in the upper right.

Hooligan POD 5 (3mm)

Price : $ 37.87

Propeller size : 5"


The is meant to be built by experienced pilots because of the tight space on the frame overall.

Suggested Components:

Motors: 2204 – 2307 with 2000-2700kv – mount: 16x19mm bolt circle 3mm
ESCs: 4x ESC 20-30A at perfect width of 14mm
Flight Controller: any 30.5×30.5mm AIO with integrated PDB
FPV Camera: HS1177 style – Runcam Swift and Eagle fixing holes prepared
FPV VTX: TS5828 or similar package size with 90 degree SMA adapter
Power Distribution: FC-PDB combo recommended.

For a two stack design extra screws and spacer are needed.

  • arms: 3mm thick and 14mm wide
  • pod: 2mm thick carbon fiber
  • propeller: 5 inch, 190mm motor to motor
  • layout: true-x splitbody
  • motor mount: 16x19mm bolt circle 3mm
  • full frame kit ~ 66g

Additional Information

In order to publish new designs faster some of the frames you find are "ALPHA" - that means that those frames are made on my milling bench and tested to fit together and work well at all. But i save the time and money to order all my final models from Armattan, because they do a great job and all my designs are as well tested in 3D. 

It could happen that there are minor tweaks to do, but the major design is at this stage already finished. As well i only publish a alpha when i really will keep this frame in my portfolio as it is, and offer spares - but you're welcome to tell me final design tweaks i could improve!

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