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The ANALYZER is a frame developed to obtain the best flight experience, the big difference between this and other frames is that it has been objectively designed based on the configuration experience of other drones through " PID ANALYZER ".
For example, the battery does not go above, nor longitudinally to the frame. Its situation is transverse centered on the two axes, this means that you never have to worry about centering the battery again. On the other hand, the legs are thin and thicker than usual, this allows a greater flow of air, providing more thrust and reactivity.
It is a solid 6mm unibody frame, specifically designed to mount specific components. Everything is thought out in detail, in this way we make sure that you only have to worry about flying. Our group will provide you with the PIDS and the correct configuration so that your drone goes incredibly well.
The main characteristics of the frame are:
- Supports 5.5 and 6" propellers. (It has been created to fly with 5.5").
- Compatible batteries of 72x42m maximum.
- 6mm Bottom Plate.
- 2mm Top Plate.
- Slim legs designed to improve airflow.
- Designed to use the Caddx Tarsier V2 as an Fpv and Hd camera, saving the weight of a heavy hd camera.
- The rear part is reserved for mounting two ELNA capacitors in parallel. (20,000 uF) This provides unprecedented motor smoothness.
- Central stack designed to mount Esc Holybro F4 Metal 65A and Holybro Kakute H7 Fc. (30.5 X 30.5mm)
- Front stack designed to mount a set of SIXTY Tracer and Caddx Tarsier V2. (20 X 20mm)
- The Bottom plate is a solid and resistant piece, together with the system of 8 upper columns make the top and bottom set very strong and rigid.
- Approx. 149 gr.


Additional Information

We make sure to make changes as the community reports improvements or potential issues. The idea is continuous improvement, to reach this

design 12 versions of Bottom and 4 of Top Plate have been necessary. It's more than 8 months of work and development. This design is the

result of experience, dedication and good work. We are happy to be able to share this design with all of you. If you are obsessed with taking

your settings to the limit, using Blackbox Explorer, Pid Analyzer, Pidtoolbox or similar, you are in luck, this is the frame you are looking for.

Greetings and good flight

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