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Frog 6inch conversion kit (for High-Tilt Freestyle)

Price : $ 40.00

Propeller size : 6"


This Frog frame is the 6-inch conversion of the «Transtec Frog 218 Lite» Quadcopter frame. Dedicated to High-Tilt Freestyle FPV flights (up to 70deg tilt) and coupled to a GoPro Hero 7,  this frame will allow you to push the efficiencies up on high-power flight phases, while delivering way more thrust for the same power consumption compared to his 5-inches little brother the Frog 218. All of that, while keeping thoughness and crash-resistance to the maximum and inertias to the minimum.

In order to build this frame, you'll need to buy this kit as well as a genuine Transtec Frog 218 Lite frame in order to get the aluminum walls, and the two carbon parts that hold the GoPro TPU mount on the Cam plate.

Designed by Florent Roque - 2019-07-28

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