PITs Bare Bones Hybrid

Price : $ 34.95

Propeller size : 5"


Carbon parts of the Hybrid (6inch rear, 5inch front) Naked Style Racing Frame.

You will need additional:

M3 16-18mm (sunk head) bolts - 4 pcs. - Arms mount in to m3 standoffs.

M3 12-14mm (sunk head) bolts - 4pcs. - Arms mount.

M3 nuts 8pcs. Arms mount.

M3 10mm bolts - 4pcs (button head) for top plates mounting.

M3 standoffs 18-22mm. 4pcs (depending on the stack hight you wish to achieve. 20mm stand offs will give you a total of about 28mm hight.

M3 vibration dampers for electronic stack - 4 pcs.

M3 m3 10-12mm and 22-24mm bolts and nuts for electronics stack.


Print your fpv camera mounts. Get the .stl file from here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3526542

Assembly is very easy and straight forward. Arms fit in any corner. Top plates fit in both sides.

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