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DFR V2 Pro Cprse

Price : $ 50.00

Propeller size : 5"


The DFR V2 PRO CORSE is the second version of the PRO CORSE, it is very strong but a little bit heavy, this makes it perfect for practice and fun with the certainty of not breaking anithing.

Frame specification:

Weight: N/A

Wheelbase: 210mm

Total height: 55mm     Housing height: 20mm + 10mm in the front side

Arms: 4x15mm

Bottom plate thickness: 2mm

Central, top and side plates thickness: 2mm

True "X"



Alle 36x36 stacks

All motors with 16-19 mounting holes

All standard, mini, micro and nano cameras

It also can support a GoPro oh his top.

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