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Sunshine Squashed-X 220 Inverted

Price : $ 49.99

Propeller size : 5"


This is a traditional fuselage frame with a twist--it's inverted!  This tightens the center of gravity of the quad by placing the electronics below the propline and the HD camera and battery above it.  If you aren't a fan of the inverted style, you can easily build it normally by simply rotating the camera and mounting the motors on the reverse side of the arms.  Both main plates feature 30.5 x 30.5 and 20 x 20 mounting options for 4 in 1 escs, flight controllers, and vtxs, as well as plenty of slots for battery straps and zip ties.  The standoff height is 25 mm--however, if you want an even lower profile build, you can use 20 mm standoffs and split your stack between the center and back of the frame.  This frame also shares the arms and sandwich plate with the sunshine stretch, which is pretty much as close as you can get to having interchangeable frame parts in FPV.  Stay tuned for a 6 inch and stretched-x version!    

Frame size: 220 mm

Arm configuration:  squashed-x

Kit includes:

  • x1 2 mm bottom plate
  • x1 2 mm top plate
  • x1 2 mm sandwich plate (with holes for sunk nuts)
  • x4 4 mm arm
  • x1 1.5 mm camera guard plate
  • x9 sunk nuts (kit requires 8)
  • x17 6mm M3 screws (kit requires 16)
  • x13 11mm M3 screws (kit requires 12)
  • x4 nylon standoffs for fc stack
  • x4 nylon nuts
  • x8 25mm M3 standoffs

The standoff width is 30.5 mm.

*Please note that this frame is designed to accomodate a micro camera.  3D printed mounts can easily be found on thingiverse, or they can be ordered on Brain3D. 

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